Surprising facts about the soon-to-close Waldorf Astoria hotel

Part history lesson, part dream-like dream, part sumptuous liberality, the Waldorf Astoria (from $250/night) is a famous New York foundation.

In any case, in a city where the main steady is change, we can’t expect lodgings — even unbelievable ones — to be an exemption.

This twin-towered goliath close down March 1 for no less than two years for a redesign answered to add up to $1 billion along these lines, to commend its past and with a gesture to its future, we introduce its most noteworthy (and quirkiest) details.


US presidents who have remained in its 2,245-square-foot Presidential Suite, from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bramble.


Red velvet cupcakes, which the lodging professedly made, heated week after week in the huge underground kitchens.

The well known treat’s mark formula incorporates beets and vegetable oil rather than margarine to keep the cake thick and damp; the sweet icing contains cream cheddar and mascarpone.

Accessible at lunch ($14 for four) at the lodging’s Peacock Alley restaurant.


The Waldorf’s tallness in feet when it moved from Fifth Avenue (where it was inherent 1893) to its present area. That height made it the tallest lodging on the planet when it opened at 301 Park Ave., in the vicinity of 49th and 50th lanes, in 1931.


Rooms and suites. It’s hazy what number of there will be (in addition to apartment suites, as well!) after the patch up.


Enchantment demonstrates that sleight-of-hand virtuoso Steve Cohen has performed in a 35th-floor suite throughout his 16 years in home. There are still tickets left for Feb. 9, 11 and 26 exhibitions at the Waldorf. Cohen will migrate his personal demonstration to the Lotte New York Palace lodging beginning March 3 (from $85 a ticket).


Sorts of caviar (four) and smoked fish (eight) served at the wanton Sunday informal breakfast in the inn’s Peacock Alley eatery ($145 per grown-up, incorporates a mixed drink, and $85 for children; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).


Full-time silver polishers the inn utilizes.

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